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BigAl’s Pound for Pound Rankings Middle 2018

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In this Article I am Ranking what i feel is the EFC’s Pound pound kings. At the risk of many arguments I have tried to stay objective and tried to formulate how to justify said rankings. The way I am looking at fightrers is by the following criteria. Amount of fights, Current win streak, Previous Opponents Perceived calibre, Titles held and fought for, title defenses, finish ratio and one or two other Items.

I have only looked at fighters that currently competing in the EFC and have not been permanently signed to other Organisations. There are guys like Don Madge for example that would be in the mix but he is currently signed to the UFC.


So here we go:

10: Amanda ‘Mad Dog’ Lino

Amanda is a history maker and current women’s flyweight Champion with a record of 3-1. She has won 3 out of 4 in mostly devastating fashion. We do see her climbing up the Pound for Pound rankings real soon.

9. BK ‘Little Giant’  Masunyane

Fan favorite BK is now riding a perfect 5 fight win streak, and one will struggle to remember when last he in fact lost a round. BK is as exciting a prospect as they come and the future and his rankings are set to only get better.


8. Boyd Allen

I know many people will say that he should be hire, but the factors I have considered boil down to holding the title. Had Boyd held the title I would of pushed him higher up the ranks. That being Said Boyd Allen is one of the greatest Talents this country has seen period. He boasts a mighty career of 15-4 now and if he does indeed win the Featherweight belt by year end he would probably break the top 5.


7. Igeu ‘Smiley’ Kabesa

Kabesa is the featherweight champion for a  second time and is slowly starting to really cement himself among the MMA elite. His recent insane KO victory really showed just how far he has come. Hes record is now at 10-1 with his only loss to a guy who has gone on to do amazingly in the UFC.

6. Nkazimulo ‘ZuluBoy’ Zulu

The flyweight king comes at 6 on the rankings and seemingly looks unbeatable after destroying his previous adversaries. Zulu sits at 8-2 with a 3 fight win streak. His next bout will be the fight of his life that could see him change rankings which ever way it goes!


5. JP ‘Young Savage’ Buys

JP has re entered the fold with another massively impressive victory to claim his second belt all before the age of 22. JP is riding a 4 fight win streak in the EFC claiming 2 titles along the way. The future is massively bright for the now Bantamweight king of Africa.


4.’Champion’ Dalcha Lungiambula

Champion is considered one of the most feared men in the EFC with an impressive record of 8-1 and currently riding a 4 fight win streak. Champion has handles a mass of talent both local and international with only one loss to possibly the greatest Light Heavyweight in EFC history.



3.Martin “The Punisher” Van Staaden

Martin is probably one of the most iconic figures in MMA on the African continent with a record of 19-9 and a 95% finish rate! The move to lightweight has reinvigorated his career , where he has massed a 4 fight win streak and claimed the EFC strap with a vicious KO of an undefeated prospect.


2. Andrew ‘one gear’ Van Zyl

Van Zyl is the African Heavyweight king with a record of 16-3 and currently riding 5 fight win streak and 3 title defenses in that. Van Zyls 3 career losses are to guys that have gone on to compete in the UFC. He has claimed the EFC Heavyweight strap 3 times in his long career and still seems to be unstoppable.


1. Dricus ‘Stillknocks’ Du PLessis

Dricus is with out a doubt the undisputed Pound For Pound king of Africa. At the age of 24 he has claimed the EFC Welterweight and Middleweight belt as well the KSW Welterweight belt. Dricus boasts a record of 12 -1 having never been to a decision and currently riding an 8 fight win streak. Dricus continues to write the history books and the future is insanely bright for South Africas biggest MMA star!


I plan on updating these rankings again towards year end and look forward to seeing what has changed. I do understand that there is argument for others to be in the top 10 and hope I have served these rankings justice by means of weighing up all the info. Im sure there will be varying opinion to mine and I look forward to having that discussion with anyone.


Big Al


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Big AlBigAl’s Pound for Pound Rankings Middle 2018

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